The Catchlights Photography Promise

A successful photograph comes from understanding the purpose of your images. To ensure we capture the perfect shot, we take the time to listen to your goals, understand what your image needs to achieve, and use creative photography techniques to produce a stand-out final product.

The initial briefing can be done via email, a Skype call or a personal meeting. We have experience working with teams of any size to coordinate and capture great images.


Over the years we've built a wealth of knowledge and experience on what it takes to work successfully with many different types of businesses.

We always strive for perfection because that's how you get the best possible shot.

We are skilled communicators that can work alongside creative directors, marketing companies, owners and clients, to make the sure the end result is achieved.

Efficient planning and organisation is at the heart of what we do.

Getting the result is always the goal - because that's what you will judge us on and that's we judge ourselves on.


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"Over ones lifetime things come and things go. Photography stayed with me all the way."

    Katrina Weidner

    It all began a long time ago in a place far, far away. It became stronger and better as time went by … Photography has been with me all my life, through peaks and valleys, through computer science studies and migration to the other end of the world, through film and digital. All this time has given me the chance to get to know the ins and outs of it. Today’s world is about sharing and helping others. In 2007 I made the choice to use my set of photography skills to help those who have developed other skill sets. Being a people person makes caring and sharing really easy and rewarding.