GLORIOUS Food Photography

Do you need mouth watering-images for your website or lovingly chosen recipes to publish a cookbook? Look no further. We can help!

Everybody loves good food. The fresher the better. Yummy! A photo has to make you lick your lips without the senses of smell and taste. That’s tricky! The visual presentation becomes paramount. Styling, props, plating and the right light become the influential parts of how you and your audience feel about your cuisine. Photos of food need to be a feast for the eye!



"We were impressed by the approach taken by Katrina, from the initial visit and advice given in preparation for the photoshoot. The actual shoot went extremely well and the images that were presented to us very promptly looked fantastic.

It was great to work with a professional who clearly knew what they were doing and was able to interpret the vision we had and transfer this to the images we now have."

- Sonya Oyston
Master Chef, Main Course