Lightroom Training


What exactly is Lightroom?

  • Lightroom is your easy all-round image management software.

  • Lightroom puts you on the controls. Get everything you need to organize, perfect, and share your photographs with ease and speed.

  • Lightroom is the essential tool for extraordinary photography.

  • Lightroom is yesterday’s darkroom for today’s digital photography without the nasty chemicals.


Who should attend?

Easy question. It’s for Photographers from amateurs to pros.

Learn to use non-destructive editing tools to bring out the best in every one of your shots. If you are looking for an Adobe qualified tutor with a helpful, positive, and practical manner for your Lightroom tuition, look no further! Katrina is an ACE. An Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom.


We are specialized in personalized Lightroom tuition for very small corporate groups as well as tailor made 1:1 training in Auckland in our professional office environment on a BYOD basis. 

For more information, please get in touch with us.


VERY excellent tutor who made sure we all learnt everything we wanted to in a really helpful, positive, and practical manner - EXCELLENT!
— Lisa R.
Just wanted to say what a brilliant class and Katrina was a gem with her teaching style and knowledge…she made it seem so very easy. Best decision ever to do the course. Thanks
— Mark Dronjak
Katrina is a great tutor and her thorough and particular teaching style makes it easy to remember things because you learn WHY things are as they are, not just rote learning stuff.
— Mindy W.
Katrina has very good teaching methods that make the course content easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her to others.
— Annie N.
Excellent course. We were given great information in an easily understood way. We learnt a great deal. Now have to practice it. Katrina was very helpful and answered any problems we had.
— David Emanuel
I had a lightroom tutorial 1:1, and Katrina’s instructions were clear, comprehensive & complete. I have come away with lots of useful tips. Highly recommended!
— Rachel Cullen
Excellent - my eyes have been opened!
— Margaret H.
Friendly and approachable, helpful trainer, with great commercial industry experience.
— Juliette Nelson
A very good days course. I need to do plenty of homework to remember it all but it will be very useful.
— Sue Emanuel
Katrina knows her Lightroom, and was very happy to come and sit with each of us personally and answer any questions and help us work through any issues. She was a very good instructor!
— Rachel Porteus
Excellent, our trainer was extremely good and delivered her message in a delightfully understandable style.
— Grant Wallace
I had been using Lightroom for over a year but this course has helped me [with] my workflow for dealing with images.
— Will Grant
mind-blowing - very helpful and encouraging
— Angela M.
Katrina is also the dedicated Lightroom tutor for group sessions at the Auckland and Wellington based Adobe Authorised Training Centre Bring Your Own Laptop.