Travel Photography Tuition

Travel is exciting and enriching! Wouldn't it be awesome to bring loads of memorable photos home? Getting the most out of your photo requires a set of skills. We'll photo-prep you for your next trip.  Our workshops are fun, hands-on and the small class size means that everyone receives quality one-on-one attention. A DSLR camera will give you the best results but any camera with a manual settings can be used.

Our Travel Photography training comes in a combo of 3 parts for $599 or in seperate parts for $249 each (bring a friend and save)

  • Street Photography Walk - see the city from a new creative angle
  • Landscape Photography Walk - the art of seeing with the photographer's eye
  • Night Photography - shooting in low light

You’ll complete these 3 courses (day: 9am - 1pm, night: sunset time + 3 hours) over a period of time that suits you. This will giving you time between classes to practise your skills and come back to the trainer with more questions.


  • Specifically aimed at people new to photography.
  • For those who want to learn more than just how to use the camera.
  • For people who want to practice their skills in fun environment.
  • No previous camera knowledge is needed.
  • Perfect for people with new cameras.



We offer very small boutique style tuition and schedule our workshops dates around your availability. Subscribe or get in touch via email for more information.


"Katrina is an amazing photographer and teacher. I have had the pleasure of being a student of Katrina's and along with a friend we had a fantastic time, days and nights, learning as much as we could about digital photography. We have since used our new skills with our travel and work, Jane as travel writer, Blog the Globe and myself as marketer for The Private Travel Company."

- Mandy Brown

"Very enjoyable, learnt plenty of new information."
- Lance Bathard
"Excellent, Small group and Katrina was excellent."
- Jane Jeffries
"The tutor was very very helpful, very patient and thorough.  The course was amazing."
- Marion A.

" are amazing and such an inspirational teacher and professional. Loved the night class it was just the best."
- Mark Dronjak