Six steps to the perfect shot

Our job is to make your life easier, which is why we have a simple process to make sure we deliver our best work to you, on time, every time.

Consultation – ideally we like to meet face-to-face in order to understand your requirements. At this stage, we’ll ask a lot of questions and work with you to put together a project brief.

Proposal – once your objectives and the brief have been defined, we’ll write a document outlining the estimated costs for the discussed project. We also supply you with a shoot preparation guide to help you organize your prop requirements, location choices, talent, styling, timings and permissions.

Shot list – At this stage a detailed shot list needs to be created, this is best achieved together with your web designer. We supply you with a guide of how to create your shot list. This ensures that on the day of production, we cover off all eventualities. More often than not, we will end up shooting more images than you’ll ever need.

Photo shoot – our team will make sure that runsheets are adhered to, lighting is set up correctly, and the whole process runs smoothly. The more detailed the preparation the smoother the shoot.

Post-production – this is where we take all the material we’ve shot and process all files taken during the shoot. We select the best shots, colour correct, fix any issues, and prepare the photos for online use and printing.

Delivery – we provide photographs in online and print formats, customised to your specifications.

Take a look at our portfolio to see how our process delivers fantastic shots across a range of sectors, from food, lifestyle and events, through to commercial and product images.


Catchlights Photography Process Infographic.jpg